Automate Cell Tower Asset Inventory with OpenTower iQ

The current practice to collect and update asset inventory of cell towers is time consuming, expensive, and error prone. However, by leveraging technology to update your inventory database, the common industry challenges can easily and quickly be alleviated. 

Watch this webinar and discover how OpenTower iQ can reliably and automatically detect and classify tower components. Through its innovative artificial intelligence, you can see what’s on the tower and take advantage of detections to automate many downstream workflows, including drawing generation and structural analysis.

See what OpenTower iQ can do:

  • Tower structure detections including tower legs, bracing, height, face width, and tapered angle
  • Equipment detections such as antenna, radio, microwave, mounting frames, feeders, and ladders
  • Provide reports on equipment inventory, space availability, and CAD drawings
  • Perform automated mount analysis
Tower_OpenTower_iQ Webinar Automate Asset Inventory Screenshot

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