Engineering Automation: A Digital Twin Approach to “Rip and Replace”

The FCC “Rip and Replace” equipment recall mandate creates unique logistical challenges for many carriers. Due to the lack of accurate asset information, carriers must inspect sites to identify the installed equipment to be replaced, evaluate loading scenarios for structural integrity, and then mobilize technicians across large geographies.

While government reimbursement will aid the cost of this initiative, carriers still must grapple with funding deadline, inadequate tower legacy data, repetitive and redundant site visits, engineering analysis backlogs, seasonal installation windows, and skilled labor shortages.

Watch Spencer Crawford-White of Visual Intelligence, Apurba Tribedi of Bentley Systems, and John Celentano of Inside Towers and learn how a digital twin approach can:

  • Help carriers streamline recall activities by rapidly identifying equipment make and model
  • Automate structural analysis
  • Facilitate drawings and simulations
  • Document site modifications and more
Tower_OpenTower_iQ Webinar Rip and Replace Screenshot

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